1951 Down Place #026 – Scream of Fear

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The management and staff of 1951 Down Place have been pledged to an oath of secrecy concerning the electrifying climax of this podcast. For maximum excitement, we earnestly recommend that you listen to this episode from the very start! The Down Placers – Casey, Derek and Scott – are back in the latest episode of 1951 Down Place with a look at 1961’s Taste of Fear, or how us yanks know it, Scream of Fear, directed by Seth Holt and written by Hammer’s go-to screenwriter Jimmy Sangster. The film stars Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, and Christopher Lee. Lee himself has been quoted as saying, “Taste of Fear was the best film that I was in that Hammer ever made.” Do the Down Placers agree? Well, let’s just say someone’s Top Five list might be changing when all is said and done!

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