1951 Down Place #037 – Man About the House

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Come and knock on our door. The Down Placers have been waiting for you . . . so they can tell you about 1974’s Man About the House (dir. John Robins). This Hammer comedy spun out of the British sitcom of the same name, and if the set-up of the movie sounds familiar, you must […]

1951 Down Place #036 – Nightmare

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One, Two . . . Janet is Coming for You!! Three, Four . . . Your Chest will be Sore!! Five, Six . . . Henry is up to his Tricks!! Seven, Eight . . . What Will Be Your Fate?? Nine, Ten . . . Casey, Derek and Scott are Back Again!! If you […]

1951 Down Place #035 – Four Sided Triangle

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tri*an*gle (noun): a shape that is made up of three lines and three angles. It looks like someone at 1951 Down Place has failed basic studies as our mathematically challenged hosts Casey, Derek, and Scott attempt to be acute in their review of 1953’s Four Sided Triangle. Can our hosts do right by this triangle […]

1951 Down Place #034 – Sword of Sherwood Forest

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Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust! It might help to imagine that the Down Placers are not wearing tights while listening to them discuss 1960’s Sword of Sherwood Forest (dir. Terence Fisher). Casey, Derek, and Scott can’t ever get enough Peter Cushing, but have they had enough of Robin Hood or […]