1951 Down Place #043 – Die! Die! My Darling!

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Wipe the lipstick off your face and check out the latest episode of 1951 Down Place! This month, the Down Placers take a look at the 1965 film Die! Die! My Darling! (dir. Silvio Narizzano) all while hoping they can avoid Mrs. Trefoile. (And don’t call me “darling.”) Download 1951 Down Place: Episode #043 here! […]

1951 Down Place #042 – Vampire Circus

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Ladies and Gentlemen! May I direct your attention to the center ring where the Courageous Casey, the Death Defying Derek and So-So Scott are poised to tame the tiger lady as they take on 1972’s Vampire Circus (directed by Robert Young). Listen to find out if they survive the encounter! Download 1951 Down Place: Episode […]

1951 Down Place Special – Caroline Munro and Feedback

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Well, one of the co-hosts up and joined the circus, putting our plans of Vampire Circus on hold for a month. But never fear, Scott and Derek are still around to bring you a very special episode of 1951 Down Place. First, Scott shares another interview he recorded during the October 2014 Monster Bash – […]

1951 Down Place #041 – Bad Blonde

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It’s time for the Down Placers to take a gander at another “Hammer Noir”. This time it’s 1953’s Bad Blonde (directed by Reginald Le Borg). Do the gentlemen of Down Place prefer this blonde and how far did one of them go to actually become a “bad blonde”? It’s time to touch up the roots […]