1951 Down Place #031 – Feedback

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While the cat is away the mice will . . . cover feedback? In this month’s episode of 1951 Down Place, Casey and Scott cover the built up backlog of listener feedback while Derek takes care of some family business. Vote for 1951 Down Place in the 12th Annual Rondo Awards – http://rondoaward.com/rondoaward.com/blog/?p=32 – in […]

1951 Down Place #030 – Lust for a Vampire

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Casey just turned 40, and for his birthday, he wanted to spend some quality time with Yutte Stensgaard . . . and Mike Raven’s widow’s peak. In this month’s episode of 1951 Down Place, Casey is joined by Derek and Scott to talk about the second of the loose trilogy of Karnstein films - Lust for a […]

1951 Down Place #029 – The Gorgon

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The gang’s back! Terence Fisher, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Bernard Robinson, James Bernard, Casey Criswell, Derek M. Koch, and Scott Morris all return to 1951 Down Place to talk about Fisher’s 1964 film The Gorgon. Barbara Shelley and the legend of Medusa Megara round out a film that has your Down Placers talking about special […]

1951 Down Place #028 – Cash on Demand

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André Morell wants 97,000 pounds for Christmas. Does Father Christmas have him on the naughty or nice list? Check in with the Down Placers this month to find out! This month, Casey, Derek, and Scott take a look at the André Morell-Peter Cushing vehicle Cash on Demand (dir. Quentin Lawrence). This suspenseful Hammer film takes […]