1951 Down Place #041 – Bad Blonde

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It’s time for the Down Placers to take a gander at another “Hammer Noir”. This time it’s 1953’s Bad Blonde (directed by Reginald Le Borg). Do the gentlemen of Down Place prefer this blonde and how far did one of them go to actually become a “bad blonde”? It’s time to touch up the roots […]

1951 Down Place Special – Veronica Carlson Interview

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In October of 2014, Scott attended the Monster Bash convention in Mars, Pennsylvania and got the opportunity to sit down and interview a few famous ladies of Hammer. The first interview We’d like to share with you is with Veronica Carlson, who has appeared in a few films for Hammer. She first appeared opposite Chrisopher […]

1951 Down Place #040 – The Phantom of the Opera

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For Derek’s birthday pick, he selected the 1962 film The Phantom of the Opera (dir. Terence Fisher). It might be hard to believe, but when this film was released, there had only been a few film adaptations of the classic Gaston Leroux novel, so Hammer had a wide open playing field in regards to what […]