1951 Down Place #039 – Quatermass and the Pit

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It’s a very special time here at 1951 Down Place central as our intern Scott has celebrated another birthday this month. To honor this event, we’ve allowed Scott to pick the film to cover this month. Things are not quite what they seem as Scott’s choice shook the very foundations of 1951 Down Place. Listen […]

1951 Down Place #038 – Curse of the Werewolf

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We saw a werewolf with a Spanish menu in his hand Walking through the streets of Madrid in the rain He was looking for a place called Chica Bonita Going to get a big dish of Pulpo á feira Werewolves of España! Well, it’s just one werewolf we saw this month, but what a werewolf! […]

1951 Down Place #037 – Man About the House

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Come and knock on our door. The Down Placers have been waiting for you . . . so they can tell you about 1974’s Man About the House (dir. John Robins). This Hammer comedy spun out of the British sitcom of the same name, and if the set-up of the movie sounds familiar, you must […]

1951 Down Place #036 – Nightmare

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One, Two . . . Janet is Coming for You!! Three, Four . . . Your Chest will be Sore!! Five, Six . . . Henry is up to his Tricks!! Seven, Eight . . . What Will Be Your Fate?? Nine, Ten . . . Casey, Derek and Scott are Back Again!! If you […]

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