Episode #020 – The Revenge of Frankenstein

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Baron Frankenstein is back . . . and so is Casey as the Down Placers dive into 1958’s The Revenge of Frankenstein. Casey isn’t the only Down Place regular rejoining Scott and Derek in this month’s episode; director Terence Fisher, Hammer regular Michael Ripper, cinematographer Jack Asher, make-up artist Phil Leakey, and the indomitable Peter […]

Episode #019 – Quatermass II

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Hungry? How about some of that so-called “synthetic food” being whipped up at Winnerden Flats? Tell you what – you go on ahead and get something to eat while the Down Placers settle into a discussion of 1957’s Quatermass II (dir. Val Guest). The film, also known as Enemy from Space, features the return of […]

Episode #018 – Ten Seconds to Hell

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Thanks to Casey’s birthday month pick, the Down Placers only have . . . Ten Seconds to Hell (dir. Robert Aldrich). This 1959 Hammer film stars Jack Palance, believe it or not, and is a stark departure from what one might expect from the studio responsible for films like Horror of Dracula or The Quatermass X-Periment. Is Ten Seconds […]

Episode #017 – The Brides of Dracula

January 31, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

What if you made a Dracula film and the Prince of Darkness is a no-show? Well, that’s the scenario this month for Casey, Derek, and Scott as they get together to talk about The Brides of Dracula from 1960. The film is directed by Terence Fisher and is the sequel to 1958’s Horror of Dracula. […]

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