Episode #024 – One Million Years B.C.

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You don’t get the Teen Angels this month. Instead, you get the Down Placers as Casey, Derek, and Scott tackle what was once billed as Hammer Films’ 100th production – One Million Years B.C. (dir. Don Chaffey). Don’t worry, folks – none of the boys wore a fur bikini while talking about this caveman epic. Download […]

Episode #023 – The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

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The Down Placers are Kung Fu fighting! Their podcast is fast as lightning! Ahem . . . in this month’s episode of 1951 Down Place, Casey, Derek, and Scott take a look at the Hammer-Shaw Studios co-production The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (dir. Roy Ward Baker, Chang Cheh). And listen carefully – this […]

Episode #022 – The Men of Sherwood Forest

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All three Down Placers are back . . . and wearing tights . . . for this month’s episode of the podcast. Before tackling the stories of Frankenstein or Dracula, Hammer Films explored another legendary character, and The Men of Sherwood Forest (dir. Val Guest) was their first go at bringing Robin Hood to the […]

Episode #021 – The Mummy

June 1, 2013 by · 3 Comments 

This month, the Down Placers explore their mummy issues by looking at the first of Hammer Films’ mummy films, 1959’s The Mummy (dir. Terence Fisher). This Cushing-Lee-Ripper team-up tells us what happens when man starts digging where he shouldn’t be digging . . . even if Universal sanctioned the remake to begin with. Download 1951 […]

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