1951 Down Place Declared “Required Listening for British Horror Fans”!

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Last week, word drifted through to us that one Mr. Nigel Burton had written an article on podcasts for The Northern Echo, a newspaper in England. In the article, he spoke of two podcasts that he enjoyed, the The B Movie Cast and our own 1951 Down Place! The article was full of high praise and as you can imagine, made our day!

The 1951 Down Place podcast is perhaps even more hardcore. Even the title – Down Place was the name of the house on the banks of the Thames that became Bray Studios – would be a mystery to casual subscribers. Recorded on a monthly-basis each show examines on a single Hammer Film in great detail. It’s not as amusing as the B-Moviecast, but 1951 Down Place is high professional – easily the equal of a commercial station – and required listening for British horror fans.

We three Americans, talking about British Horror Films, being declared required listening for British Horror Fans…by a British man himself? That’s high praise indeed! Nigel, if you ever come across this blog post? Thanks a bunch, your kind words made Derek, Casey and Scott all feel pretty spectacular.

As a final note, we found at last night this story went out in their print edition as well! Scans are below!

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