Episode #016 – The Plague of the Zombies

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Derek taps into his painfully-obvious-fandom of zombie movies and, for his birthday month, brings The Plague of the Zombies (dir. John Gilling) to the birthday party happening at 1951 Down Place this month. These zombies aren’t interested in eating your flesh, but they are on the look out for tin. Download 1951 Down Place: Episode […]

Episode #015 – X: The Unknown

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Scott picked his own present for his birthday month, so it wasn’t “unknown” to him even though the movie he chose is X: The Unknown (dir. Leslie Norman). Casey and Derek join the birthday boy to talk about this 1956 science fiction thriller. Professor Bernard Quatermass wasn’t available when Scotland faced a radioactive threat, so […]

Episode #014 – Frankenstein Created Woman

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Happy Halloween, everyone! This year, the Down Placers spend one of their favorite holidays with their favorite doctor when they discuss 1967’s Frankenstein Created Woman (dir. Terence Fisher). Casey lists this movie among his Top Five Hammer Films, and in this episode we’ll learn if Scott or Derek enjoy the movie as much as he […]

Episode #013 – Hell is a City

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Kicking off Year Two of 1951 Down Place, the Down Placers go to . . . Manchester when they turn their gaze toward 1959’s Hell is a City (dir. Val Guest). This is the first time the gang takes a look at a “Hammer Noir.” How will it fare against these fans of Hammer’s sci-fi […]

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